CGM Proudly Celebrates Decade Partnership with 3CX

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CGM Technologies, a VoIP systems provider, recalls a decade of leading edge technology, industry improvements and small business support, as they prepare to celebrate their 10th Anniversary with prominent VoIP provider, 3CX.

Looking back at this extensive partnership, Chris McCune, CGM Technologies principal engineer, recalls the early challenges, “When the VoIP technology was still in its infancy, it was not a particularly good alternative to regular telephone service.  The quality of the calls depended on the quality of the internet service and the implementation of the software. As the availability of high-quality internet service increased, so too did the demand for VoIP system implementation.”

The top selling point in the early days was the extreme cost savings for business owners. It was not unusual for a business to see cost reductions of more than 50% on monthly telephone service. As the service increased in reliability and consistency, the list of features also grew making it a preferred solution for many.

Through a partnership with 3CX, CGM Technologies has installed and serviced a variety of VoIP based systems. From simple phone service, to video conferencing, web meeting and cloud-based systems all allowing for greater productivity. Customer service is extremely important to CGM Technologies, as they continue to work closely with 3CX to implement and enhance the software.

Some of the most exciting changes in the past decade include:

  • Integrated, Free Video Conferencing
  • Remote control and screen sharing for quick & easy troubleshooting
  • Easy to Use Softphones for Windows, Macs, Android and iPhone devices
  • Powerful switchboard functionality
  • Unified Communications including:
    • One-click Collaboration
    • Instant Messaging / Text chat
    • Ability to view the status of other colleagues

Looking forward to the next decade, CGM Technologies remains on the cutting edge of VoIP technology as new services and products enter the marketplace. To inquire about your FREE communications analysis, and a chance for a free 3CX license* for a year, contact CGM at NH: 603-329-7253; MA: 781-478-0376; VT: 802-281-4524.

*Note: the free license does not include installation, maintenance or the telephone service.

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