School Benefits from VoIP

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School systems are faced with many challenges including budgetary, staffing, and security needs. Each school year administrators work to balance budgets, recruit outstanding teachers and staff, and create the most technologically savvy worksites possible.

School administrators are not jut juggling teacher salaries and student materials, but also facilities and equipment. So, when I tell you that our Internet Based Telephone System can provide enough money to cover a teacher’s annual salary, that is no joke.

A recent case study featured in PC World found that a business with 30 phone users reaped $1,200 in monthly savings when switching to VoIP, add in additional savings in per line usage costs, etc. and expect an average cost savings overall of 35%-70% off current phone bills. This may equate to $30K, $40K or even $50K annually for you district.

Best Features:

  1. Paging – Our IT staff can combine your intercom and a VoIP system allowing for important announcements directly from a desk phone using dedicated VoIP intercom lines for administrative phones, or anyone who needs intercom access.


  1. Scheduling (Bell System) – Our integrated system provides unlimited bell timetables allowing users to develop and program multiple schedules to maintain efficient class changes, lunches, and other events.


  1. Increased Productivity – Teachers, students and administrators can work across platforms, including instant messaging, streaming video, and secure websites allowing for real-time assistance on internal-communications, student assignments or teacher planning.

Skeptical about the cost savings? It is not magic. For those schools looking to save money, boost student safety and teacher productivity, VoIP technology provides the solution worth consideration. Eliminating the cost of maintaining a separate phone system and can reduce the amount of cabling needed throughout the building, as well as the number of independent extensions.

FREE demos and trial offers are available to all school systems in New England. For additional information email CGM Technologies at

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